#DripCheck: 8 ultra cool labels that will spruce up your wardrobe

#DripCheck: 8 ultra cool labels that will spruce up your wardrobe

Homegrown streetwear and fashion identity are undergoing a dynamic metamorphosis, bringing in a fresh expression for the next generation. We’re branching out and developing a new perspective on dressing up, or should we say dressing down. Check out these cutting-edge labels that will add a unique accent to your wardrobe.

Next Generation labels defining the fashion quotient in 2022

Project 23°N.69°E

The future of fashion is the conservation and ethical use of our environment. Project 23°N.69°E provides exactly what is needed to overcome the sustainability-fashion divide. In fact, their artisans and designers collaborate as equals, pooling experiences to create and develop ideas jointly. What’s most intriguing about the brand is the use of natural dyes and traditional printing/dyeing processes blended into basic yet distinctive clothes. We love how each of their clothing focuses on marrying traditional Kutch crafts with contemporary fashion.


Croquis India is a Mumbai-based clothing label that focusses on minimal casual wear for youngsters. The brand is heavily influenced by India’s vibrant colours and adds all the perfect shades of ‘streetwear’ to our wardrobes. Besides that, the brand’s objective is to promote street style through basic silhouettes and designs that can be dressed up or toned down.


IMWIP (I’m Work In Progress) is a homegrown label driven by the utility and power of fashion to make people feel accepted and appreciated. With an all-inclusive line of apparel, IMWIP excels in catering to clients in terms of quality and design. Their designs are constantly evolving and visually soothing palette, which plays on a multitude of pastels and feel-good fabrics. Think: dip-dyed dégradé colour divisions, subtle colour blocking, and much more. Further, they also contribute to helping improve the environment by producing textiles with less energy and water usage per kilogram of cloth. It’s everything we love! Head over to their Instagram and shop these looks now.


Sazo is a label of independent artists that draw inspiration from whatever the human eye can perceive. It encompasses all aspects of curiosity, which is motivated by a strong desire to produce as a consequence of abstract instinctive creativity. In fact, the brand’s inventive designs are both daring and vibrant, while remaining accessible to the masses. With a fast increasing and diversified product range that includes a fun selection of quirky hats, printed shirts, raincoats, and more, it’s no surprise that the label exudes infectious enthusiasm.


Op-Haneen speaks all art languages — from powerful prints to abstract, vibrant colours to calming tones to contemporary designs. The textures, patterns, and colours of their creations have a voice for every sentiment, promoting and supporting an ensemble for every mood

Warping Theories

Working to develop something different for the Indian clothing market and redefine the way streetwear is perceived, which has mostly been the common ground for Warping Theories. Also, chicness shines through the simplest of shapes in all of their creations, embracing minimalism, simplicity, style, and timelessness.


Next-gen label: Shaye

Shaye, a high-street fashion label that makes stunning clothing for modern women. Their upcycled collection is ideal for women who want to minimize their impact on the planet, includes kimono, blouses, accessories like headband and scrunchies and much more. All the pieces from this collection is made from a mashup of gorgeous, left-over fabric pieces that would otherwise have gone to waste. This an ideal outfit for working from home because it is both comfy and stylish.

July Issue

The July issue features ready-to-wear styles that are both sporty and feminine. The clothes are the perfect mix of casual and comfy with a chic vibe. The silhouettes are a mix of warm colours, both soft and bold. Not only that, every style is inspired by formals with a bit of spunk while remaining basic and attractive. Go shop from them already!

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