About Us

IMWIP is a high street brand that expresses admiration and appreciation for individuals who are working and getting through each day in accordance to improve and grow. Moreover, reminding ourselves that fashion is a mirror that boosts self-confidence while also redefining it as a way of self-expression. Here at IMWIP, we believe that growth is constant work in progress.

"We want to create high quality products, feel good content, and a strong community of individuals working towards being a constant work in progress”

Ishita, Founder

Meet Ishita, IMWIP Founder

Ishita, who holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York, has been creating clothes and textiles for international and homegrown brands for the last 5 years. She started therapy and journaling during the pandemic, which got her to express her self-reflective thoughts. She wanted to express her feelings and state of mind through purposeful merchandise and feel-good content, which gave birth to IMWIP. This brand is a conversation starter to encourage everyone who wants a life of progress over perfection. IMWIP was born in 2021 and is the result of Ishita's personality and expressive nature, and experience in the fashion design and clothing supply chain industry.

Our Community

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